How to enable single sign on for ManageEngine’s Service Desk

  1. Under sadmin, click Active directory under users. 
  2. Select the box that says Enable Pass-Through Authentication
  3. Select your Domain name that you’re going to use this with. For computer account, create a name. This will be the name of your computer that’s going to make this all work. DO NOT CREATE THIS BEFORE HAND. I did, which made it not work. 
  4. Fill out the DNS servers listed on your service desk server. You can log into that server and run a ipconfig /all. 
  5. Bind string will be your FQDN. For example, NOT elbowpasta
  6. DNS site is the Domain Controller HOST NAME that you will be using. Don’t you dare put in your domain name. I see you.. just kidding.
  7. Choose a password for this computer account. 
  8. I enabled the debugger, just in case. You never know.

Now, once you hit save Service Desk will spit out 2 VB scripts. Take those hombre’s and put them on the C:\ on the same domain controller that you used for DNS site.

  1. Log into that server, open up a handy dandy CMD prompt as a Administrator.
  2. put in the following “cscript NewComputerAccount.vbs <TheNameOfTheComputerAcct> /p <ThePasswordYouChoose> /d <YOURDOMAINNAMEwithoutThe.COM> . Now just a FYI, you’ll get this same command once you hit save on service desk to enable SSO. So if you fucked this up, don’t worry it’ll tell you what to put.
  3. It will output the name of your new machine that was create alone with the domain name and the password.

Now open up Internet Explorer. Head to internet options.

  1. Select security
  2. Select local intranet
  3. Select Sites
  4. Put a tick in all those boxes then click advanced.
  5. Put in your Service Desk URL

Viola, you’ve enabled SSO for ManageEngine’s Service Desk. Granted it took maybe 5-10 minutes for my settings to kick in. But from here you should be good. If you need help. I charge $175/hr. Or you can call the fine folks at ManageEngine for free.